Issues during upsert for delta data indexing

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Hi Team,

I am looking for a solution to index delta data for an existing index using
Nest (.Net). While on searching, I found the below code snippet for upsert..

client.Update(s => s

My Id field is not int.. it is a string.

My questions are

in this update statement, do we need to have two different objecttype
(old and updated) aka (T,K) ? what if the both the objects were same (aka
<T,T> only its property is changed? for e.g, Car is the object . Initially
the data entered for color = "green", then it got updated as color =
"forrest green". how do i perform update for this?

I tried having both as same object. (T, T), rather updating it is insert
the same document twice rather than updating.

If i don't mention upsert in the above command.. there is no insert
happening for the new document from the delta.

All sort of help are appreciated.


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