Issues in installing gem file in logstash 5.2.1

(Rajeshkumar) #1

I am using logstash 5.2.1 and I am trying to install some ruby gems into my logstash. I have the gems already downloaded and its in my local directory. When I try to install it I am getting some connection refused error.

Could you please , advice do I need to add any property into my command.


./logstash-plugin install /root/software/Gems/beefcake-0.3.7.gem


Something went wrong when installing /root/software/Gems/beefcake-0.3.7.gem, message: Connection refused - Connection refused

Thanks in advance

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Perhaps the gem has a dependency that Logstash is trying to install from Perhaps you have to turn on the use of an HTTP proxy?

(Rajeshkumar) #3

@magnusbaeck. Thank you Magnus for the kind resposne but I downloaded the gem from rubygems.orgam and trying to install the gems from my local directory. You can see my command in the question part.

Kindly correct my command If I am missing any syntax.

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Sure, but if the downloaded gem depends on another gem that you don't have installed it might still want to fetch it from I don't have any good suggestions here.

(Rajeshkumar) #5

@magnusbaeck The gems which I am trying to install doesn't have any dependency. I am not sure why it was happening like this.

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