Issues & questions about --path.config usage


To avoid having one big .conf receiving logs from filebeat on 5044, filtering through tons of ifs and elses, then forwarding to elastic, I've been trying to use the --path.config command lately as I understand it, it should append multiple .conf files together in a lexi~ order.
The goal is the to make one .conf file per, say, application with just an "if [app][name] == "bla" and be done.

**my .service relevant bit is **
ExecStart=/usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash "--path.config" "/etc/logstash/config.d"

my folder structure is

_input.conf contains the input, output the output
The appXX.conf contains the filters.

I just can't get that logic to work...

Your structure shows conf.d. Your command line has config.d. They need to match.

But the logic is sound? It should append all .conf files into one and treat it as one single pipeline?


Works like a charm, cheers!

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