Launch simultaneous multiples logtsatash's files configuration


I need to launch simultaneous multiples logtsatash's files configuration .
Is it possible with this only command ? => bin/logstash agent -f logstashfile1.conf logstashfile2.conf logstashfile3.conf


With this command it's just for test.

Configuration files will be in /etc/logstash/conf.d and you can have multiple config

Ah OK, Alex. So I will see in /etc/logstash/conf.d

Thanks so much

Don't forget restart Logstash service :wink:

Hi Alex,

Could you help me with the path of conf.d ?
P.S I am on windows machine, i did not find etc/logstash.


Hi Architha,

i'm sorry i don't know how Logstash works on Windows machine :confused: !

But maybe in folder where you have installed Logstash ? Like C:\Program\Logstash\ ?

Keep me up-to-date if you find !

Hi Alex,

Finally, i don't modify conf.d . I used in my only logstash File Configuration with the condition ( if, else if ...) to verify the path for each files' group to apply what I want for each Log Type :slight_smile: :

input {
file {
'path' => FOLDER/DEV1/.log
file {
'path' => FOLDER/DEV2/


if [path] =~ "DEV1" { kv{} mutate{}.................}
else if [path] =~ "DEV2" { kv{} grok{}.................}


output {

   		hosts => ''
    	index => 'logstash-2016.01.15'

stdout {}


This is perfect :slightly_smiling:

But I think it's better have several Files Configuration, it's more easy to find your option who must be modified

Yes I agree with you that it's more easy to find or debug option, if i use this. :slight_smile: ... So I will see after :).

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