Running mutliple CONF file for logstash

I have mutliple log files present under different folder. To make things simpler and easy to manage, based on the patterns I have created 5 different conf files.
logstash-monitor.conf, etc.

I don't want to merge all the conf into one big file. I want to keep it separate.

My query is - If i ran all the conf files together, what issues i might face in higher env. or is there any other best practices that I should consider.

Logstash will merge these all into a single file when it starts up, if they are held under the conf.d directory.

Are you using conditionals to make sure that the various inputs are only being processed via their respective filters and output?

Yes i do have conditions set.

But what did you mean by conf.d directory ?


-f, --config CONFIGFILE
Load the Logstash config from a specific file, directory, or a wildcard. If
given a directory or wildcard, config files will be read from the directory in
alphabetical order.

And conf.d is the adhoc standard for linux for such a config directory.

I am currently using -f command to start all my logstash conf.

I just wanted to know that if there is any overhead or issues doing this. If there isnt any, then I am good to go ahead.

You should be fine.

Great. Thanks Mark :slight_smile: