Issues with Canvas when using a time filter

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I have a Canvas workpad with a few charts (metrics, horizontal bars, pie) that was working fine until I added a time filter. I added the time filter to take advantage of a timelion query I already have on the system. After adding the time filter my timelion line chart works great though all my other charts are showing the exclamation mark icon with the following error...

Whoops! Expression failed

Expression failed with the message:

[essql] > Unexpected error from Elasticsearch: [verification_exception] Found 1 problem line 1:59: Unknown index [xyz*]

The queries I have on my charts are fairly simple like for example this metric query

SELECT ip_src, timestamp FROM "xyz*"

If I remove the time filter everything goes back to normal ... any ideas?

I appreciate any guidance



Do you have the filter in your script? Assigned groups?

I'm not sure I follow you @AClerk. I'm not using a script, I'm doing everything thru the Canvas UI

It seems my queries work Ok if I switch them from essql to timelion, am I on the right track? is timelion the only type of queries that work when using a time filter ?

At the bottom of Canvas, you can open a script tab/editor.

No. esql is supported.

Watch this point of the video for example.
After filters, you should give the group name.

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Adding the group name to the filter did the trick. Thanks @AClerk !


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