Issues with Cisco Umbrella integration - Cisco-managed s3 bucket url's getting leading "s3." appended after https

Error message received when trying to configure the Umbrella integration with a Cisco-managed s3 bucket:

Input 'aws-s3' failed with: failed to initialize s3 poller: failed to get AWS region for bucket: exceeded maximum number of attempts, 3, request send failed, Get "": x509: certificate is valid for *,, not

Testing with s3 tools, if I remove the s3 at the beginning of the URL, connections work (so change from to https://cisco-managed). If I flip the switch to convert from s3 to s3-fips, that url changes in that spot, so the integration IS adding the s3 / s3-fips, and just need the ability to NOT have it in the URL, so we can pull our logs properly.

(Note - I didn't add the s3 there to begin with - the integration appears to be prepending it at that spot.)

Tried removing the Endpoint url as well (after seeing it suggested elsewhere) and that made no difference, except that it stopped complaining about the certificate and simply complains that it can't resolve the hostname.