It has some problem when i build kibana 6.8

i use commond yarn build,when step to Cleaning client node_modules bundled into the DLL
it wrong on .\kibana-6.8\build\kibana\node_modules\x-pack\package.json;
the package.json is null, and the x-pack path is all none;

it just like issue

where could check to fix this wrong?
i google for a day and no idea to fix it.

i have change something in x-pack what about auth,add a api.

this is the process what i build x-pack print :

this is the error pictrue, i find out the null file is E:\work\2020\kibana-6.8\build\kibana\node_modules\x-pack\package.json

Does Kibana start if you run it with your changes?
If it does, i'd go for a yarn kbn clean and a yarn kbn bootstrap before trying to build again.

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