Java Agent for a Tomcat JVM

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I'm trying to pass the jar file with a properties file. As I understood that this was possible.
The properties file is in the same folder and named
How can I pass this file at the startup of my Tomcat.


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We use the java agent in version 1.3 and this is what we added to the file:

JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/home/tomcat/apm-agent/elastic-apm-agent-1.3.0.jar "
export JAVA_OPTS

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Hi and thanks for checking out Elastic APM :slight_smile:

The is only for the configuration settings of the agent and does not replace setting the -javaagent argument. See also

You can find tomcat installation instructions here:


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Found out how to pass the configuration file. Used -Delastic.apm.configuration=file: in my tomcat options to make it work.
Thx Felix for the information, But just missed the info about the configuration file

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This is not an option I'm aware of. Where did you read about that?

You have to put the file in the same directory where the agent jar is in.

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Tomcat configuration files are modified to start our application.
In order to not screw up things I modified it directy in the registry.
Checked out the other startup option where I found that.
The file was in th same directory since the beginning I tested, it has been picked up since I putted this in the startup options.

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Do you have a link at hand?

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Sorry Felix, Was talking about the other startup options set in the registry for Tomcat.

I'll try to inform where our R&D found these informations.

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