Java API: aggregation builder for normalize aggregation

I'm using the Elasticsearch 7.17.2 High Level REST client. I'm looking for a java builder for the normalize aggregation (Normalize aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic)

I can't find a builder for it. Is there one available?



I didn't find it either. A possible solution is to write execute the json query in the SearchRequest.

In the Java API Client there is already the Normalize Aggregation constructor but you are still using HLRC

Yes that is a solution but a bit of a hassle since it breaks our own API where we are passing aggregation builders and pipeline aggregation builders. Weird though that this is not present. I looked in the 8.2 version also and didn't find it there either. Can someone from Elastic elaborate on this? Should I file a report on Github?

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