Java API Highlighting

I'm new to Elasticsearch and I have two questions. I've done quite a bit of
Google searching and looked at the Elasticsearch tests for guidance, but
I'm not getting the desired result.

I'm querying an Elasticsearch server I don't control, but the index seems
straight forward enough. When I query it via the Java API however, I cannot
get highlights to work. My code looks more or less like this:

SearchRequestBuilder builder = client.prepareSearch(SEARCH_INDEX)

I get back results, but I don't get back a "highlight" collection. I get
back this instead:

"highlightFields": {
"content": {
"name": "content",
"fragments": [
"title": {
"name": "title",
"fragments": [

In other words, it seems like it wanted to find fragments, but it gave me
blank results. Thinking maybe it was something wrong with the index, I
POSTed this to the server:

{ "highlight" : { "fields" : { "content" : {} }
, "fields": ["title", "_id", "subject", "uri", "dateEffective"]

And got the expected results:

"highlight": {
"content": [
" fuel transfer pump operation,
\r\ninstall Javelin Placard 782-14 or an equivalent FAA-approved
"73-17-01 CESSNA: Amdt. 39-1701.
Applies to all series of Cessna Models 170, \r\n172, 175, 180 and"
", adjacent \r\nto the fuel transfer pump
switch which reads as follows: "AUXILIARY FUEL \r\nTRANSFER PUMP",
BEFORE CHANGING FROM LEFT \r\nTANK." \r\n\r\n\tNOTE: Failure to turn",
" off fuel boost pump allows air to enter
engine \r\nfuel system and may cause engine power failure when"

It's obvious I'm doing something wrong in the API, but I can't seem to get
it to perform the highlighting I want. Any help?

This leads me to my second question. When trying to debug this, I wanted to
view the "source" or JSON of the request being sent to Elasticsearch so I
could compare but I couldn't find a method for this. I resorted to sniffing
my traffic with Wireshark, but it was not very efficient for viewing what I
was sending to the server.

Is there a log level or something I can set in the Java API?


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You have probably found an answer to your question. But it seems there is little here about examples for the java API and highlighting.

I recently found this page, maybe it helps you with another way of doing things?