Java APM agent cannot be added as a dependency

The kibana instructions for installing the java agent say download the jar file but do not add it as a maven dependency in your application. Is this still true?

If yes is that temporary or will the java agent always be available via a jar file and cannot be added as a maven dependency? This will help us determine how we deploy the agent to production.

Thanks for your question Kartheek.

It is true and will remain the same for the Java agent jar, due to the core JVM functionality it relies on.

However, if you go over our different setup options, you will see that one of them enables agent installation through programmatic attachment, which can be done by declaring a maven dependency on a different artefact (that contains the agent jar within it). Note that this option requires code changes in your application, and it has some caveats that we intend to address in the future.

I hope this helps.

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