Java APM Agent not sending data

Hi, I'm trying to setup an APM Agent for a Java application using Spring Boot 2

I installed on my local machine, the ELK stack, APM Server, configured the javaagent to run on gradle bootrun and added the APM indexes to kibana.yml.

The APM server and agent respond correctly from the Kibana setup instructions, but I don't get any data in the Dashboard.

Could anyone help me to find out what is failing?


Hi and thanks for trying out Elastic APM! Could you please attach the full agent and server logs?

Have you configured the service_name in the agent?

I checked the logs and got this: 2018-09-04 09:43:10.783 [main] WARN co.elastic.apm.impl.ElasticApmTracerBuilder - Missing required value for configuration option service_name

I tried passing the parameter using the command line with -D and -P flag but was ignored, and when I added in build.gradle I got Could not get unknown property 'elastic' for task ':bootRun' of type

Sorry but Java is not my main language.


You can configure the agent in different ways. See documentation. When using system properties, you have to prefix the properties with elastic.apm, like -Delastic.apm.service_name=my-service.

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