Java client sniffer replaces IP address with sniffed between network zones

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We discovered an issue in sniffer. We have a java proxy server in front of our elasticsearch cluster. The problem is that the proxy is in a different network zone. Addresses of cluster nodes are translated. The proxy sees cluster nodes under different IP address than they really are. Call to the /_nodes/http returns unreachable IP adresses for the proxy.
I found a discussion about very similar issues if running elasticsearch in Docker.
Currently we have disabled the sniffer.
Could we somehow set the masked addresses so the sniffer would recognize them?
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the sniffer reads the publish_address returned in the http section of the nodes info api. Have you tried adapting the publish address of your nodes? See . I don't see how the sniffer could be fixed to solve this problem, I think rather nodes should be properly configured so that the sniffer receives the right addresses.


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Hi Luca,
Thank you, that is exactly what we need if a bit tedious to setup. :slight_smile:

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