Java Docs for ES code

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I would like to understand the internals of ElasticSearch by digging into code. is there any docs like JAVA docs or something else to find out what each class does..

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If recommend just diving in. Elasticsearch and Lucene have some rather well thought out code and I've found it easy to dive in. You might want a tutorial on using Lucene as a Java library first as Elasticsearch wraps Lucene.

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Yeah, you just have to dive in. Some classes have Javadocs but there isn't anything enforcing it and we're not sticklers for it on code review. I think when I was getting started I sent some pull requests that just added javadocs do things. That way there would be more docs and a committer would double check my understanding.

Depending one what you are looking for you might only see Lucene tangentially. For Lucene - just keep in mind that it uses its own conventions that are different from the standard Java conventions. Elasticsearch ends up using a blend of Lucene and standard Java conventions.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here. There are around a dozen active users of this forum who consistently work on the code. Its a full time job for many of us.

One more thing: I'd start reading the master branch rather than 1.7 branch. It isn't what everyone is using but its "the future" so it'll be a bit easier to read. And its where we'll make the most changes. Lots of work is done there and backported to the 2.x branches.

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Thanks.. Will definitely reach out when help is need .

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