java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: LUCENE_8_0_0

I am just starting to learn to use elasticsearch and trying to get some documents from elasticsearch server using java rest client in the first picture.

An error occured when I ran the code as an application.Here is the error information

I checked out the source of org.elasticsearch.Version.jave in elasticsearch-7.0.0-beta1.jar and found
public static final Version V_7_0_0 = new Version(V_7_0_0_ID, org.apache.lucene.util.Version.LUCENE_8_0_0);
at line 126.
Then I looked up into which I downloaded from and found no LUCENE_8_0_0 in it because the latest LUCENE version is 7.7.0

I asked this question on GitHub( and got a reply said there is a snapshot of LUCENE 8.0 in elasticsearch-7.0.0-beta1.jar.So, I checked other folders in elasticsearch-7.0.0-beta1.jar and there is no org/apache/lucene/util folder in it.I also checked elasticsearch-7.0.0-alpha2.jar and found nothing.

I am wondering if anyone can help me solve this problem.

The NoSuchField error most likely indicates a problem in your project dependencies. Which version of the Java Rest Client are you using exactly? Did you also add a dependency to Elasticsearch in a specific version?


Did you add the Lucene snapshot repository as the documentation says? See

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