Java Rest API doesn't work as expected

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Hi there,

I'm using mapper plugin to index pdf files, and in Kibana console everything works as expected.
I've tried following request, and ElasticSearch responses with 2 documents:

POST /reports/generated/_search?filter_path=hits.hits._source

Both pdfs contain "USD" word.
But I do the same thing with Java REST API and ElasticSearch cannot make a search in the indexed pdfs.
For querying I'm using following java code:

String query = "{"query":{"query_string":{"query":"" + "USD" + ""}}}";
Response response = restClient.performRequest(
new Hashtable<>(),
new StringEntity(query));

When I change "USD" querying string with another value, which contains another field (not the attachment), then everything is working well. So do I need some configuration in my java restClient to enable context searching in the indexed pdfs?


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