JavaScript - Cannot index new data (on client side)

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I have a #elastic-submit on a search submit button - every time someone clicks it, I want to grab their IP address and index the new data into my existing index called "html5-es-search." It took me a long time to figure out how to attain the IP address, but now that I'm able to - it seems that the elastic client only has a valid function for close(). There is no create() or index(). Can someone please help me? What am I doing wrong?

    $("#elastic-submit").click(function (e) {
                var searchField = document.getElementById("elastic");

                if (searchField != null)

                    var input = $(searchField).val();
                    var target = _"html5-es-search";
                    var result = client.index({
                        "index": target,
                        "body": {
                            "input": input
                    }, function (error, resp) {

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