Jdbc importer config file

@echo off

set DIR=%~dp0
set LIB=%DIR%..\lib*
set BIN=%DIR%..\bin

REM ???
echo {^
"type" : "jdbc",^
"jdbc" : {^
"url" : "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/xxx",^
"user" : "xxx",^
"password" : "xxx",^
"statement":"use authmaster";},^
{^"statement":"create TABLE user select auth_user.user_id,center_details.center_name,center_details.schema_name,schema_mapping.server_url,user_audit.* from user_audit inner join user_schema_info on user_schema_info.id=user_audit.user_schema_info_id inner join center_details on center_details.center_id=user_schema_info.center_id inner join schema_mapping on user_schema_info.schema_name=schema_mapping.schema_name inner join auth_user on auth_user.id=user_schema_info.auth_user_id";},^
{^"statement":"select * from user";},^
"elasticsearch" : {^
"cluster" : "elasticsearch",^
"host" : "localhost",^
"port" : 9300^
"index" : "meta",^
}^ | "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -cp "%LIB%" -Dlog4j.configurationFile="%BIN%\log4j2.xml" "org.xbib.tools.Runner" "org.xbib.tools.JDBCImporter"
how to perform join operation in jdbc importer

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