Jdbc-input-plugin can handle limited number of sql fields

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Hi There,
I'm importing to ES from mysql , via logstash (latest) and jdbc-input, a 200 fields table

logstash (ran via command line using -f) was existing without any error so I activated mysql logging and verified the query is acually sent to the database.

then I tried only 50 columns and everything was ok.

Is there any known limitation on number of fields specified by the query ?


(Guy Boertje) #2

I looked at the plugin code - I can't see any limits.

We use a 3rd party library called Sequel which has JDBC abstractions.
This code does call methods like createStatement and executeOuery which, because of their names, indicate that they are direct to Java calls - to the JDBC driver.

However, I can't find any links on the web showing a limit in JDBC itself or the mysql jdbc driver.

Please verify, in your mysql logging, whether any other queries are sent to the db before the query you gave to the jdbc input. Maybe queries to the table schema etc.

If I get time I can troubleshoot further but I need to know the DB and driver versions too.

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