JDBC plugin to ingest data in to elastic search 5.0


I am planning to use elastic search 5.0 and needs to ingest data using JDBC to elastic search. I found a plugin JDBC importer created by jprante but it seems that this does not support elastic search 5.0 till yet.

I also found following :

  1. Apache camel elastic search component
  2. Logstash JDBC input plugin.

Just wondering is any recommendation for 1 & 2 above ? Or any other alternative plugin/tool to insert data in to elastic search 5.0 using JDBC?

My vote goes for 2.

If your documents are a bit complex, I'd encourage modifying if possible the application which is writing in the DB.

I wrote this a while ago:


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@btom I'm in the process of migrating JDBC importer to ES 5.x, it will take a while, since this is a spare time project. For progress, see the 5.0 branch

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