Jdbc river nested json object - split on delimeters!

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so, i've got a table structure in sql for my 'movies' db that has some of
the columns with comma-delimited data.

for example:

sql server table pseudo-structure: [column : row data]
movieid: 1, actors: 'Mel Gibson, Danny Glover', genre: 'action', etc.

simplified json mapping:
"movies": {
"_id" : {
"path" : "movieid"
"properties": {
"movieid": {"type": "string"},
"actors": {
"properties": {
"name": {"type": "string"},
"genre": {"type": "string"},

my question is, how would i split those actors into separate arrays of
actors in the json object using jdbc-rivers?

i could write a .net program that generates a bulk file for api (or use a
.net client for elasticsearch that does the puts), but i want to do it
using rivers so that the table can be monitored for changes.

please help.

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