JDBC Rivertable

I'm using jprante's elasticsearch-river-jdbc https://github.com/jprante/elasticsearch-river-jdbc

I'm setting up a rivertable but it doesnt seem to be working properly...

I created a table in my mysql database using this exactly:

I get this error when i set up the jdbc river:

jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:57,958][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Centennial] [_river] creating index, cause [auto(index api)], shards [1]/[1], mappings []
jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:58,321][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Centennial] [_river] update_mapping [my_jdbc_river] (dynamic)
jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:58,327][INFO ][river.jdbc ] [Centennial] [jdbc][my_jdbc_river] starting JDBC connector: URL [jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/rivershout_dev], driver [com.mysql.jdbc.Driver], sql [null], river table [true], indexing to [jdbc]/[jdbc], poll [10s]
jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:58,444][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Centennial] [jdbc] creating index, cause [api], shards [5]/[1], mappings []
jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:58,967][INFO ][river.jdbc ] [Centennial] [jdbc][my_jdbc_river] create: got 0 rows
jvm 1 | [2012-12-04 23:56:58,967][ERROR][river.jdbc ]
jvm 1 | java.lang.NullPointerException
jvm 1 | at org.elasticsearch.river.jdbc.BulkOperation.flush(BulkOperation.java:200)
jvm 1 | at org.elasticsearch.river.jdbc.JDBCRiver$JDBCRiverTableConnector.run(JDBCRiver.java:312)
jvm 1 | at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:679)

it seems its trying to process a bulk operation that doesn't exist... maybe because it didn't find any rows (hence create: got 0 rows)? or does this have to do with how i populate the river table in the mysql db?

Hi Jromeem,

You have to create a river table exactly the same name with your index name and configure data rows in the river table you created. Once you got data configured, it starts polling..