Jdbc sql_last_value

(Gili Sade) #1

i have a few tables in MSSQL and ORACLE DB that i want to insert to elasticsearch
i am using logstash for that with the jdbc input
i want the statement to run every 3 minutes
now i dont know how to "tell" logstash to read only new rows (that it didn't read before)
i tried to use sql_last_value - but there is one thing i didnt understand
does the sql_last_value value is the same to all queries? (or each jdbc input gets it's own value)

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

The value of the sql_last_value parameter comes from one of the column values in the last row that was fetched. If you have multiple jdbc inputs you should set the last_run_metadata_path option to a path that's unique for each input.

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