JFrog Artifactory for ECE Docker repository

Has anyone connected ECE to use Artifactory as the docker repo?
If so, I would welcome hearing of any challenges that you encountered in doing so. Especially around security / authentication if you were required to put that in place for Artifactory.

Hi @Randy-312,

Yes. We have a few customers successfully installed ECE while using their own private registry to host the required docker images.
There is a dedicated parameter --docker-registry you can pass to indicate you want to install from a registry other than the default docker.elastic.co. This page specifies which docker images must be available base of the ECE version you want to install.
With regard to security, you need to make sure the docker running on the host has successfully logged in to the relevant registry and have sufficient permission to pull the relevant images but there is nothing unusual here.

Hope this helps.

We're also using the offline installation method today.
I am trying to confirm if anyone had used Artifactory specifically though.

Got it. Internally in Elastic we don't, but I've personally assisted a customer to set it up in the past.
If you are looking for feedback from other users happy to leave this one open and see if anyone can provide additional input.

Good to know.
Yes.. Let's leave this open for more of the community to weigh in.

We have successfully used Nexus3 as a private Docker registry to handle everything ECE/Docker. The process is simple and not bound to any product like Artifactory but works with any Docker registry.

  1. Pull the required images, e.g.
    docker pull docker.elastic.co/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise:2.1.0
  2. Retag for your own registry
    docker tag docker.elastic.co/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise:2.1.0 myregistry.myenterprise.com/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise:2.1.0
  3. Push
    docker push myregistry.myenterprise.com/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise:2.1.0
  4. Ensure your hosts can docker pull myregistry.myenterprise.com/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise:2.1.0 successfully. If not, you might have to login using docker login myregistry.myenterprise.com
  5. Then install ECE with either using the mentioned parameter or by modifying the installer script.

If you want to add new versions of the elastic stack, then ...

  1. Download the new stack-file from https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-enterprise/current/ece-manage-elastic-stack.html
  2. Unzip the stack file, look for the file called stack.json
  3. Download images => pull, tag and push each of the mentioned docker images;
  4. Modifiy stack.json => change each docker.elastic.co/... to myregistry.myenterprise.com/...
  5. Zip again
  6. Upload Stack-Zip to your ECE installation

Hope this helps.

PS: Your Docker registry should support SSL or must be declared as insecure registry on your Docker host.

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