Jira Connector

I am using a Jira connector but when I test it I see the following error:

Unable to get issue types

[Action][Jira]: Unable to get capabilities. Error: read ECONNRESET. Reason: unknown: errorResponse was null

Any idea why? Thank you.

Hi merayray,

Your Jira connector might not be set up correctly, and that is most likely why you are seeing an error.

I would suggest doing a curl command using the url below to make sure you're getting a valid result:



I ran the curl command below with a the -k flag since it was failing due to "verifying the legitimacy of the server..."

curl -k {URL}/rest/capabilities

When creating the JIRA connector, under the Authentication section, would that be for Jira or authentication for Elastic?

It should be for Jira authentication.


Hi @merayray,

Could you please provide more info about your Jira environment? It seems that it is self-hosted. If that is the case which version of the Jira Server do you use?

The -k you used in your curl command suggests an issue with connecting to Jira securely. Do you use a self-signed certificate?

It is self-hosted and I am using Jira v9.0.0. I do not use a self-signed certificate and would look into to it. Thanks.

Ok! Let us know if you need any help.


I followed these steps:

I am still seeing an unsecure site due to certificates. I'm running both jira and kibana from a kubernetes cluster in which both sites are unsecured.

Thank you.

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