Jmx plugin and aggregate


I try to aggregate some events coming from the jmx plugin, but I never managed to aggregate anything. As if that was not possible...

Here the code I have so far:

filter {
  grok {
    match => { "metric_path" => "(?<alias>[^\.]*)\.(?<jmx_path>.*)\.(?<jmx_attribute>[^\.]*)" }
    add_field => {
      "%{jmx_attribute}" => "%{metric_value_number}"
  aggregate {
    task_id => "%{jmx_path}"
    code => "event.set('dummyKey', 'dummyValue')"
    inactivity_timeout => 10

In ElasticSearch, I can see the dummyKey field, so my aggregation code is actually executed.
However, nothing is aggregated at all. If I have 10 input events, then I got 10 output event, all of them with the dummyKey field populated.

Is this type of aggregation possible with this plugin ? Am I missing something ? Any chance to have a working sample ?

Thanks in advance.

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