JMX Plugin Attributes (more than metric path)

Let's say I have the JMX config for my ActiveMQ:

        "object_name" : "org.apache.activemq:type=Broker,brokerName=*,destinationName=*,destinationType=Topic",
        "attributes" : [ "AverageBlockedTime","AverageEnqueueTime","AverageMessageSize","ConsumerCount","DequeueCount","DispatchCount","EnqueueCount","ExpiredCount","ForwardCount","MemoryLimit","MemoryPercentUsage","MemoryUsagePortion","QueueSize","MaxEnqueueTime","MinEnqueueTime"],
        "object_alias" : "${type}.${brokerName}.${destinationType}.${destinationName}"

The output of this in ES is something like:

  • metric_path: Broker.[broker_name].Topic.[destination_name].[attribute_name]

Is there a way to extract more information from this? I mean, can I have the matric_path name but also the Broker, the queue name, and so on, in a separate variable?

  • broker : [broker name]
  • destination_type : [topic]
  • destination_name : [topic name]

I'm trying to create aggregations based on these values.

I have seen some groks in the forum, but create a grok for each type in the JMX for the ActiveMQ would be unfeasible.

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