Join and search in 2 index

i have created 2 index. I like have a elastic linq query. As of now with single index I am able to write a query. How to join another index with existing index any work around. Please let me know.

Are you looking to query multiple indexes with one command? You can specify multiple indexes in your search string, like:
curl -XPOST http://localhost:9200/index1,index2/_search -d'{}'
You can also create a common alias on both indexes - see
If you created an alias "mydata" on index1 and index2, then searching
curl -XPOST http://localhost:9200/mydata/_search -d'{}'
automatically searches across both index1 and index2

Hi Josh,
I am sorry for the delay. I have created 2 index. Namely employee and department. By linq query I need to filter employee index department wise.
In .net linq for example

var emp=from n in employee join department d on equals n.departmentid where select n;

By which I am to filter employee by department wise.
I dont know to do search index.

You can't do that. Although you could look at parent/child feature.

Or change your design.