Join query type in Query DSL


I have created a join field using below query,

PUT test_corr
"mappings": {
"properties": {
"my_id": {
"type": "keyword"
"my_join_field": {
"type": "join",
"relations": {
"indicators": "indicator"

Over the same index I have ingested two sets of data via logstash,
event1: indicators: actionn:success
event2: indicator: tags:perfume,scan

My desired result should be like if I search for success I should get both event1 and event2 as a result just like SQL since indicators is a parent field of indicator and both are joined.

But I am not getting the result. Help me with your inputs.

Can you please share an example document, after Logstash has sent it to Elasticsearch?

How many primary shards does the index have? If greater than 1, how are you specifying routing and document IDs?

Uploaded 2 events within same index[have to join indicator and indicators field]

As of now I haven't specified any of the setting and all are default

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