Join query with Elasticsearch and Firebase

Hi all,
I need to do a join query on firebase using elasticsearch,
can anyone help me?
In particular I have two nodes, in the child node I have a field that is the id of the father node
and I would like to have as a result all the fields of the father node.
How do I build my index in the code?
In adding, in my client I use elasticsearchclient, (I'm implementing on NodeJS),
here is an extract of the code to index a node:

var db = admin.database();
var etest = db.ref(type);
etest.on('child_added', createOrUpdateIndex);
etest.on('child_changed', createOrUpdateIndex);
etest.on('child_removed', removeIndex);

function createOrUpdateIndex(snap) {

client.index(index, type, snap.val(), snap.key)
.on('data', function(data) { console.log('indexed', snap.key + data ); })
.on('error', function(err) { console.log('index error ', err); }).exec();

function removeIndex(snap) {
client.deleteDocument(index, type, snap.key, function(error, data) {
if( error ) console.error('failed to delete', snap.key, error);
else console.log('deleted', snap.key);

And to take query results:

var queue = db.ref("search");
queue.child('request').on('child_added', processRequest);

function processRequest(snap) {
console.log('process...... ');
snap.ref.remove(); // clear the request after we receive it
var data = snap.val();
// Query ElasticSearch, data.type, { "query": { 'query_string': {
"query" : data.query

.on('data', function(results) {
var res = JSON.parse(results);
console.log("TOTAL " + JSON.stringify(;

.on('error', function(error){ console.log("errore"); }).exec();


Thank you in advance

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