Join two indices query where there is 1-to-many relationship

I have two indices; authors and articles.
Since one author writes several articles, there are 1-to-many relationship between them.
The article index has title, vote, and authorId attributes.

Here is an example index.

PUT /test_authors/
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
       "name": {"type": "keyword"},

PUT /test_articles/
    "properties": {
        "title": {"type": "keyword"},
        "vote": {"type": "long"},
        "authorId": {"type": "long"},

sample documents

// sample authors
POST /test_authors/_bulk
{"name": "Mick"}
{"name": "Tim"}

// sample articles
POST /test_articles/_bulk
{"title": "About car", "vote": 5, "authorId": 1}
{"title": "About sport", "vote": 2, "authorId": 1}
{"title": "About computer", "vote": 1, "authorId": 2}

What I want to do is to search authors, one of whose articles has more than 3 votes.
In the above example, expected result should be only Mick(authorId=1).

In the world of rds, I can do it easily through by single query.

LEFT JOIN articles
ON articles.authorId =

Can I realize like this kind of thing in elasticsearch?
If not, how can I do this?
Thank you in advance.

Elasticsearch does not support joins so the most common workaround is to denormalise your data and store the relevant authour data on each arcticle document.

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