Join two logs by common field

(Basem Mohammed) #1


I am trying to get a useful information from two logs format. Let me Start the call flow.


dhcp,info dhcp 414 assigned to F0:::::40
hotspot,account,info,debug cb8xgh ( logged in
hotspot,info,debug cb8xgh ( logged out: session timeout
dhcp,info dhcp 414 deassigned from F0:::::40

I can parse each one individually, And as you can see IP address is the common term. So, I want to bind those logs as I can read " The specific IP address for the specific username assigned to this mac "..

My ultimate goal is to be able to get the session details like that: username used a mac address, logged in at a time,logged out at a time.

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Does the collate filter help?

(Basem Mohammed) #3

No. They didn't come by sequence, There are many lines from other IPs and MACs. So I could depend on neither time nor number of lines.

(system) #4

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