Join us for our first ever Developer Hangout

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Dev Hangout with Aaron Mildenstein, Software Engineer - Logstash
June 12 at 6 PM UTC / 11 AM PST / 8 PM CEST / 7 PM BST

Please join us for our first ever Dev Hangout! You'll hear from Aaron Mildenstein about his journey from passionate contributor to working on open source projects as a full-time job. Your host, Robyn Bergeron, will also give you a sneak peek into some of the Elastic Developer Relations team's latest projects, plus delve into all that's going on in Logstash land with Aaron.

We'll conclude the hangout with 15 minutes of Ask Me Anything, so join us in #elastic-webinar on Freenode to give us your queries.

Join us for this hangout:

Timing for Future Editions
We know that UTC-7 isn't the most convenient time zone for everyone to join us - we're a globally distributed organization, so making sure that we rotate meeting times is part of our company's DNA.

Notification for Future Hangouts
We'll be hosting hangouts on a semi-weekly basis, so if you would like to attend live each week we'll let you know the details in our Developer Newsletter. You can sign up for the Developer Newsletter at

The newsletter is sent weekly and is a labor of love from Elastic's Developer Relations Team. It will be the only email sent to you by Elastic unless you opt-in to other mailings from the company. It's also super easy to unsubscribe, but we hope you won't want to!

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You can get more details on our Developer Hangouts series and our Developer Newsletter from your hangout host, Robyn Bergeron, on the Elastic Blog.

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