Today's Dev Hangout: Jeremy Falling and Shaunak Kashyap on DevOps

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On today at 1 PM CEST / 11 AM UTC / 12 Noon BST / 9 PM AEST / 8 PM JST & KST

For our friends in the US, this may be one for you to watch the video.

Please join us for our second Dev Hangout, featuring Jeremy Falling and our host from the Elastic Developer Relations Team, Shaunak Kashyap. You'll hear from Jeremy and Shaunak live from DevOps Days Amsterdam, where they'll have spent the morning hearing from speakers like Adrian Cockcroft, Michael Coté and Michael Ducy. In addition to a peek at all things on in Amsterdam, you'll hear from Jeremy about his years doing work in the DevOps field. Except then, he was working at LiveJournal and it was called plain old engineering.

Shaunak, our most recent Developer Advocate addition to the Elastic DevRel team, might just regale us with tales from his time as an Advocate at Rackspace. Or he'll just ask Jeremy about Russian botnets. Either way, a good time will be had by all!

We'll conclude the hangout with 15 minutes of Ask Me Anything, so join us in #elastic-webinar on Freenode to give us your queries.

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