Joining on Parent Child relations in Elasticsearch 6.0

Hi, I have a question regarding how to model some data so that I can join two documents of different structure (Inside the same index differentiated by type field). My data structure is as follows:

  1. SessionCreatedEvent which has the properties sessionId, locale, date-of-birth, type='SessionCreated' and
  2. OrderPlaceEvent which also has sessionId, amount, type='OrderPlaced'.
    I need to get the total amount for all orders placed in a specific country. How should I model this data in ES6 to get the answer. The problem I am having is both of the above events are not necessarily a parent child typed ones. There can be more event types that are related only by sessionId.

On a side note, I know that kibana does not support visualizations with parent child relations. Is it possible to execute a normal elasticsearch query that uses parent child relations and then apply some graphing on the result of the query?

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