Journalbeat and packetbeat config separation

All the other beats support some sort of "conf.d/*.yml" way of separating the configs. I cannot find documentation of journalbeat and packetbeat supporting a similar feature.

Is it possible? how can it be done?

Config reload is not supported in case of Journalbeat.
In case of Heartbeat, you can load monitors dynamically using the config below:

# Define a directory to load monitor definitions from. Definitions take the form
# of individual yaml files.
# heartbeat.config.monitors:
  # Directory + glob pattern to search for configuration files
  #path: /path/to/my/monitors.d/*.yml
  # If enabled, heartbeat will periodically check the config.monitors path for changes
  #reload.enabled: true
  # How often to check for changes
  #reload.period: 1s

yes i am aware that heartbeat works, what about packetbeat?

Oh, sorry. My brain replaced packet with heart. :slight_smile:
Packetbeat does not have such support.

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