Json logfiles from Elastic Engineer I course not loaded into elasticsearch 7.0

Didn't succeed to migrate my data from the elastic engineer I course to elasticsearch 7.0.

Input log:
{"geoip":{"city_name":"Holly Springs","country_name":"United States","country_code2":"US","continent_code":"NA","country_code3":"US","location":{"lon":-78.8786,"lat":35.6022},"region_name":"North Carolina"},"status_code":200,"method":"GET","level":"info","runtime_ms":97,"http_version":"1.1","language":{"url":"/blog/elasticsearch-5-3-0-released?utm_source=dbweekly&utm_medium=email","code":"en-us"},"originalUrl":"/blog/elasticsearch-5-3-0-released?utm_source=dbweekly&utm_medium=email","response_size":49766,"@timestamp":"2017-03-31T23:47:27.564Z","host":"server1","user_agent":"Amazon CloudFront"}



  • type: log
    enabled: true
    • /path/data/elastic_blog_curated_access_logs_server*/*.log
      json.keys_under_root: true
      json.overwrite_keys: true


- drop_fields:

fields: ["host.name"]

  • decode_json_fields:
    fields: ["json"]
    process_array: true
    target: ''
    overwrite_keys: true

  • drop_fields:
    fields: ["log", "input", "ecs", "agent"]

setup.template.enabled: true
setup.template.name: "logs-"
setup.template.pattern: "logs-*"
setup.dashboards.enabled: false

#output.console.pretty: true

hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
username: elastic
password: password
index: "logs_%{[host]}"
bulk_max_size: 100


"@timestamp": "2017-03-31T23:56:29.072Z",
"@metadata": {
"beat": "",
"type": "_doc",
"version": ""
"geoip": {
"continent_code": "NA",
"country_code3": "US",
"location": {
"lon": -77.4728,
"lat": 39.0481
"region_name": "Virginia",
"city_name": "Ashburn",
"country_code2": "US",
"country_name": "United States"
"level": "info",
"host": {
"name": "mark-busenharts-imac-4.home"
"status_code": 200,
"runtime_ms": 146,
"language": {
"url": "/blog/author/thom-o%27connor",
"code": "en-us"
"response_size": 45120,
"method": "GET",
"http_version": "1.1",
"user_agent": "Amazon CloudFront",
"originalUrl": "/blog/author/thom-o%27connor"

which is pretty much what I want except for the host field that should be "server1". In my understanding the host value should be overwritten with overwrite_keys: true. What am I missing.

Would be great if somebody could give me a hint on how to get the correct value in the host field.

Kind regards

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