JSON returns "parse exception, unknown field [body.url]

Hello Community,

for advanced watcher eMail alert, am attempting Attach URL method Attaching Reports to an eMail. JSON returns "parse exception, unknown field [body.url]”. Welcome your ideas on how to correct the exception.

thank you!

Could you provide your JSON that isn't working as well?

Hi Lukas,

Attached is the current JSON (.doc), Report (.xls) and Pindrop index Mapping (.doc).

Instead of sending a URL of Kibana Dashboard (end-users will not have Kibana), how to get all Fields and Records (ex. Fig. 2) into the eMail Body (sorted by call_ref_id,
by Risk Score (Descending))?

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Fig. 2 of 2

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(Attachment Watcher_mw_Dashboard INTEL Pindrop Top Risk Scores DetailsblacklistHits__Dashboard_URL_mw.docx is missing)

(Attachment Pindrop Top Risk Scores DetailsblacklistHits_mw_sample.xlsx is missing)

(Attachment PinDrop_Mapping_to_Lukas.docx is missing)

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