Json Variance Enumerating/Handling

Hi all, I have an instance running which is being populated by json data which is flattened in he autoindexing. Being honest the current indexing is awful with nested json fields being represented as positions in arrays of deepening dimensions. top level fields are therefore at position [0][0] and first level are [1][0] etc . there are no types and i think the reason for this is variance in the format of the json from the data sources. I have read the documentation about how to handle index explosion but I am still puzzled as to how to manage the requirement correctly. so my question is when you have json coming in in different formats with some common fields and some uncommon , what is the recommended way of indexing and mapping? also is there any api query that will allow me to see what fields in the current mapping are common to all records and which ones are less so and so on... thanks in advance all.

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