JSONPath query on Elasticsearch?

I have a resource in my JAVA data model such as:

   "user" : {
      "name" : "elastic",
      "creator" : "name",
      "content": {
            key1: vall1,
            key2: vall2,
            key3: vall3,

So there are normal attributes name, creator, etc which are there and one attribute is "content" which would contain a JSON representation.

Now, the requirement is that the client can send a JSONPath query like to get all users with key1> 1000 .

So if I store my data in ES, how can I run the JSONPath query directly on ES to retrieve all users with content's key1> 1000 ??

Is it possible to run the JSONPath query on ES ??

Otherwise, I would have to write a translator from JSONPAth to ES query which would be cumbersome.

Any help is appreciated.

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