Jsons and logstash

Hi Team,

I am having a json like this

item3:[value a,value b]

I am having filebeat sending the logs to logstash (and this is a multiline json having an array as well in key value pairs). I am trying to extract values by parsing json filters in logstash with out any sucesss. Can some one please help me to get a value, for example


so that i can take this to elastic search and then time series graph thro Kibana
I am having difficulty in

I'd like to see

  • a few lines of actual input (obfuscate values if you like but make sure the structure exactly matches reality),
  • your configuration files, and
  • an example event produced by Logstash (i.e. the effect your current configuration files have on the input).

"region_name": “BLD_EGD_C_VM01",
"vmcount": 229,
"vol_count": 0,
"vmsandvols_count": 229,
"no_of_networks": 2,
"active_ips": 276,
"total_ips_configured": 961,
"no_of_hypervisors": 1,
"disk_san_free_tb": 43.35330677032471,
"disk_san_tb": 100.485595703125,
"start_time": 140617151754,
"end_time": 140617151920,
"subnets_identity": [
"subnet_1": {
"name": "EGD_C_19.195.16",
"ipcount": 479
"subnet_2": {
"name": "EGD_C_19.195.18",
"ipcount": 482
"hypervisor_identity": [
"h_1": {
"id": 1,
"name": "domain-c1403(Mountain02)",
"vcpus": 312,
"vcpus_used": 773,
"memory_mb": 4217232,
"memory_used_mb": 2422272,
"disk_discoverd_gb": 102397,
"disk_used_gb": 42443,
"running_vms": 229
This is my subnet .. I am looking to plot graphs for example discovered_disk_gb vs disk_used_gb

Please answer all my questions.

I have a simple config that doesnt parse json yet, i use a text filter (just to learn logstash), I have nt tried for the above mentioned json yet

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