JVM Consumption continuously increasing


I'm new in Elasticsearch and I'm encountering a recurring high JVM issue.

I don't see anything from the logs aside from a dangled index which keep trying to reimport. just want to know if this dangled index (.watcher-history, i think this is from xpack) contributes in high memory consumption? can this be deleted?


High memory usage is not necessarily an issue so it would be helpful if you provided more information about your setup and what you are seeing. You should also always state which version of the stack you are using.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your response.

We are using version 5.5.2 and using a cluster setup with 2gb heapsize each node.
From time to time (approx every 2 weeks), we are getting an alert that JVM is already utilizing 93-96% of heap and this is not decreasing.

I don't see anything from the logs aside from the Dangling index that keeps importing and no significant increase with the volume of request.

Right now, I'm looking to increase the heap size by 4Gb each node.


That is a very old version that has been EOL a long time so I would recommend you upgrade. It sounds like you are experiencing heap pressure which can be addressed by increasing RAM and the heap size.

Yes, considering now also the upgrade. but for now will do the heap increase. Thanks for your inputs!

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