JVM setting

What should be prefer jvm option for cluster?
using elasicsearch java
three node x 100gig ram each, 20core each host


or following which listed on oracle java document


data ingestion is about 800Million record a day of system metric via logstash
nothing else running in this systems except Elasticsearch
What other parameter needs to be set to make sure memory gets use properly and efficiently. I can test this out once I know something more.
I am very naive on java part

By default Elasticsearch configures itself according to the machine on which it's running so it's best not to override any of these settings yourself. 800M documents per day is ~10k per second which is nowhere near the throughput that some benchmarks can achieve using the default settings, so you should be fine.

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so you saying does not matter what of above setting will not make much difference?

No, I think it matters if you override any of these settings, it can make performance a lot worse to get it wrong. So don't do that. Let Elasticsearch set these things for you.

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David you right.
so far I have never had to touch that and it was working beautifully.
but I have gone to Container/VM route and since then kibana dashboard loading is slow , very slow.
even though I have gone from ssd to nvme.
on host/vm level I can see the IO speed is more then four time, new system has faster cpu, network speed is also doubled.

hence I started playing around with jvm options.

which one is better performance. both are same cpu count / same memory



Node -2

I am just playing around with what I can find. and trying to understand this java memory stuff.

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