K8S Node level logging as non-root user?

I'm trying to perform node level logging in a kubernetes cluster using Filebeat. I've installed Filebeat as a daemonset and it is reading logs from /var/lib/docker/containers//*.log successfully. My concern is that I am having to run the Filebeat container as root because root owns /var/lib/docker/containers and the permissions for the directory are set to 700. I would like to avoid running containers as root for security concerns. I've looked at modifying the /var/lib/docker/containers permissions using an initcontainer, but that does not address any pods mounted after the Filebeat initcontainer runs. I looked at reading the logs through /var/log/pods/... but that would require using symbolic links and your docs recommend against relying on symbolic links.

What is considered best practice in a production environment:

  • avoiding node level logging altogether and just relying on sidecars for logging
  • running the filebeat container in a daemonset as root as I am doing
  • relying on symbolic links and managing those challenges

Or, is there an alternate approach that I am overlooking?


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