Why No Replies

I've posted twice in the forums:

  1. K8S Node level logging as non-root user?

  2. Filebeat is not cleaning old kubernetes log files that were autodiscovered from the registry

  3. Didn't receive any replies and was closed. 2. Has not received any replies yet and appears on its way to the same fate.

I'm just wondering if I've just happened to ask two unanswerable questions or I'm asking obvious questions or I'm tagging or phrasing my questions poorly or something else. Any insight would be appreciated.


Having had a look at the questions it looks like they do require reasonably deep kubernetes knowledge combined with Filebeat experience. I would guess this means that there are only a quite small group of people that can answer this. If they are not that active on the forums that could explain why they have been unanswered.

Agreed. Adding that the first one was posted during the summer break. That could also explain.

I reopened it so you can answer your own thread with a "up"...

Thank you for the explanation.

Thank you.

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