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Is there any plans in roadmap to switch to official Kafka client supported by confluent?

It seems to setup Kafka connect the agent suppose to support “ interceptor.classes”. That is essential feature to setup Kafka connect. We would like to take full advantage on Kafka connect.



(Steffen Siering) #2

Currently there are no plans for this. Reason is, confluent-kafka-go client heavily depends on cgo, but we try to reduce C dependencies as much as possible.

This looks a lot like Java: interceptor.classes=io.confluent.monitoring.clients.interceptor.MonitoringProducerInterceptor

You sure this works with the C client?

(Askar) #3

That "interceptor" line is from java.

Yeah you might be right I am looking at the client and it might be not implemented there. I am going to follow up with Confluent. I will follow up in a bit on this post.

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Following up on this. Got response:

Confluent is in the process of adding in client interceptors that produce stream monitoring metrics to the Confluent Control Center topics. This will be added into all the Confluent client libraries, including the golang client. I am unsure on the exact planned release date.

Thank you Steffen I guess I fired up too fast on this!


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