Kafka connect (elasticsearch connector) vs Logstash


Thanks in advance!!

We are building a new pipe line, we want to use kafka connect (elasticsearch connector) instead of logstash, for one of theEnvoirnment, i want to know which one is better. Please advice me.

Better for what?

I am more curious about the performance, Which are the dependencies for the kafka connect (elasticsearch connector) and Performance of both logstash and kafka connect.

what to know the performance, which one give us good performance.

Performance for what? What are you wanting to do exactly?

For injecting data...

  1. elastic search connector from kafka topic to elastic search index or 2) kafka topic - logstash - elastic search

Did you get my point or can i elaborate more on this ??

Performance of the ingest pipeline depends a lot on the type of processing you want to perform, and the best way to find out is to benchmark with real data and real transformations. You may also want to examine aspects like error handling, resilience and how easy it is to manage depending on what your requirements are.

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