Kafka Consumer ElasticSearch?

is there any way by which the data sent into kafka stream can be dumped into elasticsearch?

Hello @rishabh_jain

Not directly... You need something in the middle.

Few options:

Can you help me with one more problem
is there any way in which i can do Upsert on the basis of version
i.e if document doesn't exists then it would create the document
and if exists then it would look for version if new version is greater than existing version then only it would update the document.

You should be able to use the version and version_type request parameters to control this. Not sure which ingest methods do or do not support this though.

POST API does not support external versioninig is there any way ?

Hello @rishabh_jain

By Update you mean partially updating a document or overwriting the existing one?

want to partially update a document.
and also if the document doesn't exists then it should be created

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