Kafka Implementation

We are Trying to Implement Kafka in our environment. So right now our Set up is like: Syslog Server(Logstash) --> Event Hub --> Azure VM Logstash --> Azure VM Elasticsearch --> Azure VM kibana.
We want to place Kafka in this set up, Can you suggest where we need to place it?
what changes need to do in our set up and any requirement for Kafka Implementation?

What are you looking to achieve by adding Kafka? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Here we are using the azure output plugin to forward the logs to Event hub. But it is not supporting now. So that we are trying to implement Kafka for it. We are looking to achieve the Kafka as a pipeline which forwards the logs from syslog server to elasticsearch.
In our environment where we can place the Kafka server so we will get the parsed logs. & for Kafka set up what requirements are important for it?

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